We will sign a contract describing in details the terms and conditions of the service, from products included to logistics, from payment methods to delivery times and so on. My prices are granted, I'll show what they include or not, I will inform you of the costs of any additional product that you might want to purchase later.


I only book one photo shoot a day to grant you my presence. If you choose me, I want to be there, I must. I will never send someone else to do a photo shoot at my place.


I use only cameras with dual memory cards. For each photo I take the file is created in double copy on two different cards. At the end of each photo shoot I backup the images on a hard-disk system (NAS) where data are replicated and recoverable. Finally I make a further copy on other hard disks that I keep in a safe place, far from the place where the NAS are hosted. Every year I invest a significant amount of money in this system, since I know that loosing all - or a part of - the photos taken during a service would be a great regret for my clients. And you can believe me, for me it would be a real nightmare!


When I joined ANFM I had to sign the association's code of ethics. I did it willingly since it largely matches the choices I had made spontaneously and which I listed above. These are the ANFM warranties (only Italian version, I'm sorry):

“Il fotografo Cosé Manuel Rossi, nell’ottica della massima trasparenza nei rapporti con i clienti, si impegna a garantire la sua presenza a copertura del servizio fotografico richiesto e a non farsi sostituire da nessun collaboratore interno o esterno allo studio (salvo per gravi motivi, documentabili, che rendono impossibile al fotografo eseguire il lavoro). Garantisce inoltre che le immagini sottoposte al cliente per la presentazione dei lavori, siano realmente il frutto delle proprie capacità tecniche e creative, si impegna inoltre a garantire estrema chiarezza nei prezzi, e a consegnare insieme al contratto un listino contenente tutti i costi di extra e opzionali che potrebbero essere richiesti in futuro, quali per esempio stampe aggiuntive, album, ristampe ed ogni altro elemento che possa far variare il preventivo iniziale.”