My name is Cosé Manuel, I live in a welcoming house in the country, with Elisabetta and our daughters, Margherita and Agata. I am a photographer and I love both, my family and my job.

I love the way Elisabetta smiles when she laughs at my jokes. I love being amazed with our little girls. Most say I'm a good friend. For sure I love having plenty of friends in the house. I like to enjoy sunrises and sunsets, if there is music I dance, if there’s not I turn it on. I like chatting, better with a gin and tonic in the hand. Life excites me and I jump into it, because being excited makes me feel alive. Loving makes me feel as good as being loved. I trust the good feelings and share the good vibes. I love to embrace people. When I am moved I cry. And I laugh.

I fell in love with photography watching my grandparents' albums. I knew no technique, I had no images culture, but I perceived the value of photography since the very first moment. For this reason, people, feelings and relationships are still at the center of my photography. This is my meaning and my purpose, what I'm passionate about, what fills my heart.

I shape the light to catch moments creating memories, and I do it gratefully. It is exciting to put my time and attention into you, it is a privilege to be your witness. It is touching to live your emotions and relive them in each image, afterwords.